At school we take a number of steps to promote and manage the safety of all users when using the Internet.

Classroom Guidance

Our staff are all familiar with key e-safety themes. Computers and tablets are used under supervision and e-safety guidance is given at appropriate times, supporting the key e-safety principles described elsewhere in this guide.

Internet Filtering

The school is connected to the Internet using the county-wide Hampshire public services network. This network provides reliable and safe Internet access for public services across the county, with the additional benefit of enabling the school to choose which categories of Internet content are accessible to users.

Using the Hampshire Internet filtering service we prevent access to a range of content categories including adult, malicious, inappropriate, exploitative and violent. Our content filter is dynamic and new sites will be automatically added to the content filter depending upon their nature, thereby limiting the potential exposure of children to inappropriate materials.

Digital Leaders

Children who are members of the Digital Leaders group actively support our e-Safety aims by regularly bringing important messages to the attention of others. Digital Leaders join the group when they volunteer and show great interest in supporting the ICT responsibilities and needs of the school. The Digital Leaders work in support of the ICT Coordinator and ICT Manager to share best practices in using ICT in all its forms and offer practical support for their peers.

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