Meals for children are provided via the Hampshire County Council Catering Services (HC3S). From November 2020, school meals in Hampshire cost £2.50 each.

There is no requirement for you to pre-book school meals. Children are invited each day to have a school lunch.

Please remember that the school does not offer a credit facility for school meals and we expect meals to be paid for in advance.

Outstanding meal debts will be dealt with initially by the school and those outstanding for a long period and / or of a significant amount will be referred to Hampshire County Debt Collection Services.

When the level of debt associated with a child reaches £20, they will no longer be permitted to have a school meal. When this is the case, the parent/ carer must provide a packed lunch for the child each day. In the event that a packed lunch is not provided, the debt will need to be cleared before the child is permitted to take a school meal.

If you are having trouble paying for school lunches, please check whether you qualify for free school meals and speak to the office about a payment plan to reducing your outstanding debt.

Hook Junior School is officially recognised as a Healthy School having received the award in 2006. Health and healthy lifestyles is promoted throughout the curriculum and through the care and guidance given to pupils. Pupils are encouraged to take healthy choices in the way they live their lives and school policies aim to promote this in all areas of school life.

School meals follow a set menu on a three week cycle throughout the school year. Our meals for the Autumn term 2020 are:

Free School Meals

Some children may be eligible for free school meals; the criteria for eligibility includes being in receipt of specific benefits or support arrangements. You can check whether your child is eligible by completing an eligibility check via the Hampshire County Council website.