Our aim is to develop children with enquiring minds; instil in them a love of learning and deliver learning that is purposeful, relevant and builds on children's experiences. Our Curriculum is broad, balanced, skill-based, creative and challenging.

We value active learning experiences delivered creatively through a holistic approach. We believe that children who are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership of their learning do so by participating fully in the opportunities offered to them. The learning experiences offered to them should enable the children to acquire skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding which will enable them to make considered and informed choices and to problem solve in all manner of contexts. The curriculum is underpinned by the Vision and Values of the school.

“The curriculum is skilfully planned”

Ofsted, January 2013

The curriculum is delivered through the five areas of learning: English, communication and language, mathematical understanding, science and technological understanding, art, design and music and physical health and wellbeing.

A concept forms the basis of learning per term and is led by one of the areas of learning above, with other subjects integrated into the theme or concept. Subjects are taught discretely if necessary to ensure that the integrity of all subjects is maintained.

Each term finishes with a Learning Event, which culminates all learning in an event for parents to showcase what the children have learned and what skills they have developed throughout the term.

The Curriculum is summarised for you by year group in our Curriculum Objective pages.