Sports Premium

Sport is an important part of Hook Junior School life, both during the timetabled school day and through extra-curricular activities. All children benefit from regular sporting activities as a core part of their studies and the additional funding we receive to deliver this is applied to provide maximum opportunity and benefit to all children in school.

We provide a broad range of sport in which boys and girls participate. These include football, netball, hockey, rugby, cricket, judo, dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and cross country.

The school works with a number of organisations to supplement the sporting activities facilitated by school staff, offering a richer sporting experience for children and exposure to a broader range of sporting disciplines with coaching from specialists.

In addition to the sporting activities offered in school as part of the curriculum, further opportunity exists for all to participate in pre-school and after school clubs which take place all year round.

In order to provide our our sports offer, the school receives additional funding. Our Sports Premium Funding 2022 - 2023 explains what funding we have previously received and how this was invested. Our Sports Premium Funding 2023 - 2024 explains funding we a receiving this academic year and our intention for investing these funds.