Letters for Parents

We publish a newsletter for Parents and Carers on Friday of each week during term time. The newsletter contains information about current and forthcoming school activities. Newsletters from the Headteacher and Board of Governors are shared on a termly basis.

The school regularly publishes a variety of additional letters to parents. These documents will share information about school or extra curricular activities, invite parents to grant permission for their child to participate and occasionally communicate events taking place in the local community that the school supports or is participating in.

Letters to Parents are published in Adobe PDF format.

pdf Support for Parents - Safeguarding Children during Lockdown
pdf Criteria for Opening
pdf Parents Newsletter 22 May 2020
pdf Rushmoor and Hart Supporting Families Newsletter 19 May 2020
pdf School Nurse Bulletin May 2020
pdf CAMHS How to Cope After Covid
pdf Parents Newsletter 15th May 2020
pdf Child Accident Prevention Trust Parents Pack
pdf NHS School Nursing Family Wellbeing Pack
pdf Possible reopening of school to more pupils in June
pdf Parents Newsletter 8th May 2020
pdf Parents Newsletter 1st May 2020
pdf MyHappyMind Parent Kit
pdf Wheelers ePlatform App User Guide
pdf NHS coronavirus fact sheet for kids
pdf Parent Road Safety Primary - Summer 2020
pdf Rushmoor and Hart Supporting Families Newsletter 23 April 2020
pdf COVID-19 Advice for parents when child unwell or injured
pdf Walking for Wellbeing
pdf Online Safety - Loot Boxes Skins and Betting Parent Factsheet