Chair of Governors and Parent Governor

I believe that developing a positive learning style for each child is a key enabler for their success in later life. Pre-teen years also see individual personality and values develop as our children become prepared as future members of society. As of September I shall have two children at Hook Junior and so I have a personal interest as well as a community responsibility in supporting my local school in delivering an effective, motivating learning experience and a supportive social environment.

I have previously been a member of a parents' committee at an independent school (secondary age group), participating for a total of four years. I therefore have practical experience of providing a parental viewpoint for school management, debating issues and proposals for facilities and service development in an academic environment.

In addition, my work for the last 7 years has been in a governance, risk and compliance team for the UK arm of a multi-national health and financial services firm. This means that I am also familiar with the importance of fostering safe growth and prudent change management within a regulated environment - and hope by volunteering that these skills will be of value to the governing body of Hook Junior School.

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